Stellaris Elite - See how far thinking differently can take you - Conformity is the antagonist of Innovation

Stellaris Elite®

Put a World of Power and Control at Your Fingertips

Misconceptions are out, and data is in. It is time to leave the status quo and experience the truth about vacuum fluidics innovation. Discover a new level of performance that delivers the control you demand.

Engineered to Deliver Exceptional Chamber Stability

Chamber stability is a critical factor for successful lens extraction. Adaptive Fluidics™ proactively monitors and responds to the vacuum you command to let you focus on the surgery—not the system. Learn More →


Optimized for Cutting Efficiency - Attune® Energy

  • Attune® Energy delivers highly efficient cutting
  • Efficient emulsification thanks to mechanical cutting power generated by a longitudinal motion combined with an acoustic cavitation technology
  • Learn More →

Delivers Direct Control Over Fluidics

Stellaris Elite® is engineered to offer direct and precise control over fluidics. Learn More →

  Stellaris Elite® Flow-Based Technology
Aspiration control DIRECT
until occlusion
by the surgeon
Vacuum Control DIRECT
no occlusion
requires occlusion
Vacuum build up LINEAR IRREGULAR
and occlusion dependent
Rise time CUSTOMIZED Flow rate and occlusion dependent


Why compromise when Stellaris Elite® offers both cataract and retina capability in a single platform?

  • Added value with a single capital purchase
  • OR efficiency
Stellaris Elite
Environmental Specifications
Electrical input Universal input (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1000 VA)
Temperature Operating: 50°-104° F
  Storage/transportation: 4°-140° F
Humidity Operating: 30%-70% relative
  Storage/transportation: 10%-98% non-condensing
Altitude Up to 3,000 feet
Dimensions and Weight
Height 48"
Width & depth 18"x18"
Weight 230 pounds
Display dimension 19" diagonal
Screen Touch screen
Frequency 28.5 kHz nominal (six crystals)
Pulse mode range 1 to 250 pulses per second
Stroke length Up to 130 microns
Motion Longitudinal
Infusion and Vacuum
Irrigation Gravity and/or pressurized air
Air pressure Max 100 mmHg
Pump type Vacuum (Rotary vane)
Vacuum 0-600 mmHg
Anterior Vitrectomy
Handpiece 20, 23 and 25 gauge
Cutting rate 30-2500 cuts per minute
Foot pedal connection Wireless or corded
Mode Single or dual linear