Experience the Dual Port Difference

We are constantly seeking new ways to put innovation into your practice, and the Bi‑Blade® vitrectomy cutter, with an effective cut rate of up to 15,000 CPM is an example of our dedication to providing a precise and efficient surgical experience.


15,000 CPM*

With its dual-edge blade, the Bi‑Blade vitrectomy cutter doubles the effective cut rate over single-edge vitrectomy cutters, allowing for faster procedures. With the consistent flow provided by the dual-port design and 100% open duty cycle, surgeons can feel confident in the ability to shave more closely to a mobile retina, perform dissections and remove intraocular tissues. 

* Effective cut rate.


Up to 230% faster flow rate**

The dual-port design of Bi‑Blade® greatly enhances efficiency due to the unique design that allows for cutting without port closure. As the port remains open, Bi‑Blade® provides continuous aspiration at all times while cutting. We have reduced the need for a duty cycle while creating a consistent flow rate and continuous holding force.

**Compared to traditional single-port cutters in BSS on systems in 7500 CPM mode.