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Meet Bausch + Lomb's full Refractive Solution: 

  • The now-FDA approved TENEO™ Excimer Laser is designed and engineered to transform the surgical experience and produce exceptional outcomes. 
  • The VICTUS Femtosecond Laser workstation is designed for ophthalmology and built for business. 


  • The smallest footprint of all excimer lasers available in the United States.
  • The TENEO eye-tracker operates at 1,740Hz and is the fastest of all flying spot excimer lasers in the United States.
  • With 1.2 seconds per diopter, TENEO has the fastest ablation time of all excimer lasers available in the United States.
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  • Delivers a single, integrated platform.
  • Optimized for a broad range of laser cataract and corneal procedures.
  • Stands alone in its ability to expand capabilities, optimize outcomes, and build new growth.

Storz® Ophthalmic Instruments

Every cataract surgeon has different preferences and techniques. In order to help our surgeon partners achieve their best outcomes using their preferred techniques, Storz® produces bespoke instruments for individual surgeons. Designed by you and crafted by Storz®, these instruments truly enable signature performance.

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