eyeTELLIGENCE Software Platform | Connecting Your Every Possiblity

New Features Available in 2023

eyeTELLIGENCE™ Software Platform New Features Available in 2023

Connecting Your Every Possibility

Streamlining Information Flow

The eyeTELLIGENCE™ Software Platform is a cloud-based application available exclusively on Stellaris Elite® vision enhancement system. This application allows surgeons to access their personal settings from any Stellaris system. It provides first-in-class efficiency features for expedited technical service, assessment, and customer support.

Expanding Access to Surgical Planning

New Features Available in 2023

In 2023, new features will be added to the eyeTELLIGENCE™ platform, enabling a seamless, secure flow of information from the office, to the surgeon, to the OR. This connection across all aspects of the procedure will help avoid lost data and lost time, ensuring that you can manage data without the inconvenience and confusion of multiple documents from multiple sources.

In order to best serve surgeons and their teams, eyeTELLIGENCE™ will offer both a surgeon-focused app and a nursing-focused app. These apps will provide access to critical, timely data as well as case preparation, surgery scheduling, nursing team engagement, and more.

Through this technology, you will be able to access and build your surgical plans the way you want, whenever (and wherever) you want.

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Removing EMR and Diagnostic Barriers

New Features Available in 2023

The new features to eyeTELLIGENCE™ will also allow you to work with various EMR and diagnostic platforms, with no need to purchase specific equipment or train staff on new equipment.
With this platform, personalize the way you approach each case.

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