Akreos® AO provides quality of vision and contrast sensitivity with advanced optics1, 3, 4

  • Manufactured to have a high degree of flexibility to allow for an incision size as small as 1.8 mm6
  • Three lengths for excellent fit2 and four-point haptic design for excellent centration and stability2, 5
  • Minimized reflected light through a design using equi-biconvex and low refractive index material7

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2. Akreos MICS DFU
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Model Recommended Starting A-Constant Overall Diameter Diopter Powers
AO60 118.5* 11.0 mm (+0 to +15 D) 
10.7 mm (+15.5 to +22 D)
10.5 mm (+22.5 to +30 D)
+0 D to +9 D in 1.0 D steps
+10 D to +30 D in 0.5 steps
MI60L 119.1* 11.0 mm (+0 to +15 D)
10.7 mm (+15.5 to +22 D)
10.5 mm (+22.5 to +30 D)
+0 D to +9 D in 1.0 D steps
+10 D to +30 D in 0.5 D steps
Incision size As small as 1.8 mm
Optic shape Aspheric
Material—optic and haptics Hydrophilic acrylic with UV blocker
Refractive Index at 35°C 1.458

*A-constants are optical biometry estimates only. It is recommended that each surgeon develop his or her own values.

Optic body diameter Model AO60 Model MI60L
6.2 mm (+0 to +9 D)
6.0 mm (+10 to +30 D)
6.2 mm (+0 to +15 D)
6.0 mm (+15.5 to +22 D)
5.6 mm (+22.5 to +30 D)
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