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Bausch + Lomb offers a full range of products to perform refractive cataract surgery. As a pioneer in phacoemulsification and IOL technologies, we have enhanced our portfolio with the latest refractive premium products and innovations to help maximize outcomes for your practice and your patients.

Cataract Equipment

Stellaris Elite® is the result of decades of research and development in phacoemulsification technology. Stellaris Elite® was designed for cataract surgeons with cataract surgeons. It is the only system to offer a proactive approach to fluidic management, delivering exceptional chamber stability. Experience Stellaris Elite®, experience what you have been missing.


Our investment in research and development has resulted in a line of intraocular lenses that are meant to facilitate long-term, excellent outcomes for both cataract patients and our surgeon partners. With a dedication to improving patients' quality of vision, we offer a broad range of intraocular lenses designed to provide exceptional optics for vision correction.


For a variety of different cataract procedures, we offer a line of viscoelastics with solutions for your diverse needs. Designed to maintain chamber depth and protect corneal tissue, we created our line of viscoelastics with the goal of achieving reliably positive postoperative outcomes in both anterior and posterior procedures.

Storz® Ophthalmic Instruments

Every cataract surgeon has different preferences and techniques. In order to help our surgeon partners achieve their best outcomes using their preferred techniques, Storz® produces bespoke instruments for individual surgeons. Designed by you and crafted by Storz®, these instruments truly enable signature performance.

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