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Optimized for Cutting Efficiency - Attune® Energy

There's More Than One Way to Fragment Lens Material

Of the top four key factors associated with tissue fragmentation, Stellaris Elite®  demonstrates a clear advantage in suction, stroke length while remaining very competitive in opening area.

STROKE LENGTH - Mechanical cutting power generated by a forward and backward motion | SUCTION/VACUUM - Facilitates tissue removal, increases the tissue-tip impact velocity, and aids in maintaining contact on the downward stroke | TIP ACCELERATION - Rate at which the tip moves | OPENING AREA - Inner diameter of the tip

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Environnmental Specifications
Electrical input Universal input (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1000 VA)
Temperature Operating: 50°-104° F
  Storage/transportation: 4°-140° F
Humidity Operating: 30%-70% relative
  Storage/transportation: 10%-98% non-condensing
Altitude Up to 3,000 feet
Dimensions and Weight
Height 48"
Width & depth 18"X18"
Weight 230 pounds
Display dimension 19"
Screen Touch screen
Frequency 28.5 kHz nominal (six crystals)
Pulse mode range 1 to 250 pulses per second
Stroke length Up to 130 microns
Motion Longitudinal
Infusion and Vacuum
Irrigation Gravity and/or pressurized air
Air pressure Max 100 mmHg
Pump type Vacuum (Rotary vane)
Vacuum 0-600 mmHg
Anterior Vitrectomy
Handpiece 20, 23 and 25 gauge
Cutting rate 30-2500 cuts per minute
Foot pedal connection Wireless or corded
Mode Single or dual linear
Stellaris Elite

Stellaris Elite - MICS

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