An active range of vision

Cataract surgery is an opportunity to give your patients vision for their life ahead. With Crystalens®AO and Trulign® Toric IOLs, you can provide your patients with an active range of vision that matches today’s active lifestyles, and help them look forward to near, intermediate, and distance vision with increased independence from glasses.1

1. Directions for Use. 


Sharp vision at distances that matter

Crystalens® is the only FDA approved accommodating lens that provides patients with distance, intermediate, and some near vision without splitting light like a diffractive lens, which can result in positive dysphotopsias (glares, halos, starbursts).

Nighttime Vision

Clear nighttime vision

Unlike standard presbyopia-correcting lenses that split light or elongate the focal point, Crystalens® AO IOL is an advanced accommodating lens that utilizes one distinct point and changes position and functional power within the capsular bag to deliver clear, crisp vision and minimized starburst and glare.2

Clear headlights vs distorted headlights

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AO Optic Design

Exceptional contrast sensitivity

  • The Crystalens® AO IOL features an advanced aberration-optimized (AO) optic that delivers outstanding contrast sensitivity by focusing 100% of light, 100% of the time and maintaining one distinct point of focus.3
  • The advanced AO optic also delivers uniform power, center to edge for consistent results4-6, excellent visual acuity in low light, and is less sensitive to decentration.5

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Astigmatism and Presbyopia

Treat astigmatic cataract patients and provide a natural range of vision.

Designed to comfortably fit your patients’ lifestyles, Trulign® Toric IOL corrects astigmatism and presbyopia while offering a broad range of vision for everyday activities like using a computer, driving, hobbies and crafts, and socializing.7

Trulign® provides not only sharp, clear vision for patients but extraordinary rotational stability, excellent astigmatism correction, outstanding refractive predictability, and effective centration.8 Count on Trulign® to deliver astigmatic cataract correction with intermediate and distance vision in a single surgery.

Excellent Intermediate and Distance Vision Results8

  Uncorrected intermediate visual acuity Uncorrected disance visual acuity
≥ 20/25 86.6% 72.4%
≥ 20/32 94.1% 86.6%
≥ 20/40 97.8% 97.8%

7. Trulign® Toric IOL Directions for Use. 
8. Data on file, Bausch & Lomb Incorporated. Study 650.

Crystalens and Trulign
Recommended starting A-constant 119.1* 119.1*
Recommended starting ACD 5.61 mm* 5.61 mm*
Overall diameter 11.5 mm 12.0 mm
Diopter power +22.5 D to +33 D in 0.5-D steps
+17 D to +22 D in 0.25-D steps
+4 D to +10 D in 1.0-D steps
+10.5 D to +24 D in 0.5-D steps
Optic body diameter 5.0 mm
Shape Bioconvex
Material-body and plates Biosil (Silicone Elastomer) with enhanced UV protection; 10% UV cutoff at 400 nm
Material-loop (haptics) Polyimide
Refractive index at 35-degrees C 1.43
Delivery system Crystalsert®