Cohen-Benner Contact Lens

Flat Contact Lens for Posterior Visualization

Exclusively available from Bausch + Lomb, the Cohen-Benner Contact (CBC) Lens, from Oculus Surgical is designed to grip the edge of the cornea and features a free-floating, 2-piece design for contact with the tear film.

Free-floating Design

The CBC Lens automatically adjusts to different corneal topographies because of its free-floating lens design, and is constructed of a PMMA material for high-resolution clarity when viewing the macula.

Small Footprint

A 36˚ field of view with just a 10mm profile leaves ample room for the eyelid speculum or to access cannulas with the lens in place.

Proprietary Stabilization System

The CBC Lens utilizes advanced technology for superior stabilization. Inspired by the friction generated by snow tires on an icy road, studs on the bottom of the CBC lens assist in gripping the cornea, making the lens less likely to slide during surgery.