TENEO | An Extension of Brilliance


TENEO is the first excimer platform approved in nearly two decades.

TENEO is more than just a new laser. It’s an extension of brilliance — designed and engineered to transform the surgical experience and produce exceptional outcomes. 

TENEO logo

Precise engineering

Smallest footprint: 

TENEO is the smallest excimer laser available in the United States, which frees up clinical space.

Advanced eye-tracker:

The TENEO eye-tracker, which operates at 1,740Hz, is the fastest of all flying spot excimer lasers in the United States. 

High-speed laser:

Operating at 500Hz, TENEO has the fastest ablation time of all excimer lasers available in the United States, at approximately 1.2 seconds per diopter.*

*Based upon calculation using an Optical Zone of 6mm and a standard myopic treatment (PROSCAN mode)

Overhead view of TENEO that shows chair movement

Intentional efficiency

GUI touchscreen:

The customizable touchscreen simplifies setup with customizable views that include only the patient data surgeons want. 

Innovative software:

The software provides a logical, straightforward process with no nomogram required.

Doctor using the TENEO GUI

Unparalleled experience

Surgeon experience:

The 360-degree swiveling microscope adapts to surgeon height and posture.

Patient experience:

The treatment bed swings out for easy access and can be customized for optimal head positioning.