Unparalleled Multi-mode Versatility

Redefining any previous notion of what an ophthalmic laser device should be, the VICTUS® workstation delivers a single, integrated platform optimized for a broad range of laser cataract and corneal procedures. That is why VICTUS® stands alone in its ability to help the practices of today and tomorrow expand capabilities, optimize outcomes, and build new growth.

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  • Laser cataract lens fragmentation
  • Capsulotomies
  • Corneal incisions
  • Arcuate incisions
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  • LASIK flaps
  • Arcuate incisions
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The VICTUS® workstation is built with innovative technologies that provide a quality surgical experience.

  • Fast pulse rates and small spot size
  • 80 kHz for cataract indications
  • 160 kHz for LASIK flaps
  • Excellent accuracy and consistency
  • Detailed precision and control
Femtosecond Laser Platform Technical Specification
Laser Type Diode-pumped solid state laser (DPSSL)
Wavelength 1040 +/- 25 nm
Pulse Frequency 80 or 160 kHz depending on procedure
Pulse Duration 290–550 fs
Power Supply 230 VAC ~ 50 Hz/60 Hz - 30 amp service
Power Consumption Max. 3 kW
Weight 900 kg (with patient bed)
Dimensions* L: 210.0 cm (with patient bed)
W: 83 cm
H: 168 cm
System Components Main laser unit
Patient bed included
Sterile Patient Interface kit
Visualization Real-time, high-contrast and high-speed Swept-Source OCT
High-resolution video camera
Optional external microscope
Patient Interface Intelligent Pressure Sensors
Curved Patient Interface with separate Suction Cup
Cataract Capsulotomy
Lens Fragmentation
Arcuate Incisions
Corneal Incisions
Corneal LASIK flaps
Arcuate Incisions

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