Viscous Fluid Control

Bausch + Lomb’s expanded viscous fluid portfolio includes ADATO® SIL-OL in 5000 mPa·s, the US retina community’s only pre-filled, sterile, and ready-to-use silicone oil syringe.

ADATO® SIL-OL 5000 Silicone Oil

No more hand-pouring

Sterile presentation eliminates the need for filling an injection syringe.

Additional volume

ADATO® SIL-OL 5000 provides you with an additional 1.5mL of oil compared to a vial from the leading competitor. 

Universal Viscous Fluid Control Pack

The Universal Viscous Fluid Control Pack provides the utility of two packs in a single product, allowing for the efficient injection and extraction of viscous fluids.

Efficient injections of 5000 mPa·s oil with high-flow cannulas

High-flow injection cannulas are provided in both 23ga and 25ga, eliminating the need to enlarge sclerotomies during small-gauge procedures.

Compatible with multiple vitrectomy platforms

  •  Stellaris Elite®
  •  Alcon Constellation®
  •  Stellaris®PC
  •  DORC® EVA

Adato SIL-OL Universal Viscous Fluid Control Pack