Dr. Michael Patterson is a private-practice ophthalmologist in rural Tennessee. He has operated with multiple phacoemulsification platforms and finds that Stellaris Elite® provides him with several important advantages.

Improved Chamber Stability

Dr. Patterson explained the benefits of a vacuum-based system on chamber stability, “Stellaris Elite is based on vacuum. You don’t need to touch anything to get vacuum. The vacuum level remains constant based on your desired settings. This is an advantage because when you get through a piece of the cataract, the whole chamber remains very stable. The pressure in the system is not based on occlusion.” This is in comparison to flow-based systems that require occlusion, and the vacuum level is based upon the fluid flow rate. With flow-based systems, in order to aspirate, the surgeon needs to touch a piece of the cataract and get occlusion. Thus, with flow-based systems, the chamber stability is lower than with a vacuum-based system. There is a lower risk of post-occlusion surge with Stellaris Elite because occlusion is not needed.2

Exceptional Chamber Stability

Stellaris Elite offers greater chamber stability compared to most flow-based systems in the U.S.* While a soft cataract slowly comes through the phaco needle and chamber collapse is not a big worry, with a dense, hard cataract, chamber collapse with a flow-based system is a concern. With a dense cataract, the surgeon needs a lot of energy to get through the posterior portion of the cataract. Once through the dense cataract, surge may occur with flow-based systems. According to Dr. Patterson, “The #1 risk of a capsule break is at the very last quadrant when you are almost finished with phaco. Stellaris Elite with its Adaptive Fluidics™ offers exceptional chamber stability and I worry less about chamber collapse. Adaptive Fluidics adjusts and maintains the pressure in the eye to prevent the post-occlusion surge.”2,3

Better Cutting Efficiency

Two-thirds of surgeons preferred a chop method to break the nucleus during phacoemulsification.4 Stellaris Elite is a great option for ophthalmologists who use the chop method and desire efficiency because the vacuum helps reduce the phaco time. 

Dr. Patterson noted that “Stellaris Elite is for surgeons who want efficient surgery.” In his opinion, Stellaris Elite is optimized to deliver exceptional chamber stability and cutting efficiency, which allows surgeons to focus on patient outcomes and throughput.

Dual Linear Foot Pedal Keeps the Surgeon in Complete Control

Stellaris Elite has a dual linear foot pedal that allows the surgeon to control the fluid, aspiration, vacuum, and phaco. With a dense cataract lens, the surgeon often needs a tiny bit more vacuum to keep the piece moving towards the phaco needle so it will break up and aspirate. This is important because when the ophthalmologist tries to use ultrasound, the vacuum pulls the pieces closer to the needle to break up the piece.

“The nice thing about the Stellaris Elite that is so different – and is the critical component –is the ability for the surgeon to independently control the surgery.” The surgeon does not need to tell someone else to adjust the vacuum.

To learn more about the Stellaris Elite System, please go to www.bauschsurgical.com. Connect with a representative today, if you would like to hear more about how to demo the system in your OR.

*Centurion, Infinity or Signature

Dr. Patterson’s Tips to Maximize Cataract Surgery Efficiency

  • Gown and glovey ourself to save time
  • Use Stellaris Elite® to maximize cutting efficiency
  • Change your own handpiece as often as possible
  • Squirt the eye with BSS yourself instead of waiting for a scrub tech

“All of these small steps of time savings allow me to perform a few more cataract surgeries per day.”
– Dr. Michael Patterson