Amir Cohen, MD, MBA, is a board-certified glaucoma specialist in private practice at the Glaucoma Care Center of New Jersey in northern New Jersey. He started using enVista® monofocal and toric intraocular lenses (IOLs) in the past year and is very happy with the lens performance during surgery and the results for his patients.

Initial experience and results with enVista® IOLs

One of Dr. Cohen’s former residents raved about the experience with enVista® IOLs. However, due to clinical inertia, it took some time for Dr. Cohen to finally try enVista®.

Dr. Cohen recalled, “I remember the first patient I implanted enVista® in. They had such a great outcome that we (our practice) decided to try it in another patient. Since patient 1, the outcomes have been great. In addition to the enVista® monofocal IOL, the enVista® toric lenses are also fantastic. It really makes a difference as a surgeon to have an option to put in a 1.25 diopter toric lens to treat patients with under a diopter corneal astigmatism. These low astigmatic patients have great outcomes and are getting crystal-clear vision.” The low diopter lens allows more astigmatic patients to be treated without needing to flip the cylinder. “This feature of enVista® toric has been a strategic advantage for me and our practice.”

Several key points have made Dr. Cohen an enVista® enthusiast:

  • enVista® IOLs are free of spherical aberration – refractive ability is not altered by tilt or decentration1
  • enVista® IOLs are glistening-free and scratch resistant1
  • Great vision quality1
  • Lenses are clear (no tint) but, due to the unique design, Dr. Cohen can easily see the lens when patients are dilated postoperatively

Experience working with Bausch + Lomb

Dr. Cohen appreciates that Bausch + Lomb was eager to make things happen when he was ready to bring enVista® IOLs to the surgery center where he is the medical director. He recalls, “I was motivated to bring enVista into the center and I’ve gotten such good outcomes since then that no one can convince me to go back to other products I now find inferior. Why? Because happy patients tell their friends and family and advertise for me in our community. My business is growing organically and enVista® is part of this journey.”

Growing his patient base by offering cataract surgery

Dr. Cohen entered the cataract space from a glaucoma background. He found over time he developed a reputation for occasionally operating on cataract patients, in whom he began implanting monofocal IOLs, which helped him build a referral base from ophthalmologists and optometrists in his area. He continues to make new optometry contacts by giving presentations at Council on Optometric Practitioner Education (COPE) continuing education events. Eventually, Dr. Cohen expanded his practice to accept more cataract surgery patients. Dr. Cohen predicts that there are many early baby boomers that will need cataract surgery in the next few years. This represents a lot of potential business for cataract surgeons.

Dr. Cohen has found that multifocal IOLs were not the best fit for his patients because postoperatively he found these patients may find they have diminished night vision and low contrast sensitivity. Based on his observations of the needs of these patient types, he is on the lookout for a lens with good contrast sensitivity. He feels very comfortable putting in an enVista® toric IOL because it has the features he prefers for these patients.

“When I finally tried the enVista® lenses, within a few weeks they became my ‘go-to.’ enVista® lenses are clear and they feel substantial. The lenses I had used previously are very thin and flimsy in comparison to the enVista® lenses.”

- Dr. Amir Cohen
SimplifEYE™ Delivery System

The redesigned SimplifEYE™ Delivery System makes it easy to load enVista® lenses.

enVista® lens design

A larger surface area is in contact with the capsular bag with enVista® compared to AcrySof® IQ and TECNIS® IOLs.2 The larger contact area increases lens stability.2 There are many reasons a patient may return to the operating room for an IOL replacement, however, Dr. Cohen believes that the stability of the enVista toric IOL helps his patients have good outcomes.

“With enVista® lenses, the outcomes are good. Patients are happy with their vision at various distances. enVista® is a great lens platform.”

- Dr. Amir Cohen