Dr. David Goldman is a top ophthalmologic surgeon practicing in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. As a busy surgeon, he is pleased with the simplicity of the SimplifEYE intraocular lens (IOL) delivery system. “Having the intraocular lens preloaded is a big advantage. It reduces steps to improve operating room efficiency. It also reduces staff error by minimizing the different interactions that can occur when you implant lenses. With SimplifEYE, it is a consistent delivery. Additionally, the injector is constructed so that once the IOL comes out, the pusher device extends. The pusher can be used to place the optic and trailing haptic into the capsular bag.”

Advantages of a preloaded lens with SimplifEYE

  • Reduces steps during surgery
  • Improves operating room efficiency
  • Beveled tip of SimplifEYE system delivers consistent lens folding for reproducible and reliable delivery into the capsular bag
  • Pusher can help place the optic and trailing haptic into the capsular bag
  • Clear device provides outstanding visualization during the procedure
  • Viscoelastic port ensures proper IOL lubrication for smooth passage of the IOL during delivery

Easy to learn, easy to use

SimplifEYE is easy for staff to learn and easy for the surgeon to use to implant the IOL. SimplifEYE is similar to other screw-type technologies, but without having to manipulate the lens. Dr. Goldman suggests that “it is better to be a little bit inside of the incision. This allows the plunger to come out and help place the lens into the capsular bag. This saves me a step and makes me more efficient in the operating room.”

Dr. Goldman also noticed that his surgical techs are not as stressed because they don’t need to rush to get the lens ready for him during a case. The lens is preloaded so there is no need to learn how to manually load a lens.

Time and tool savings with SimplifEYE

Dr. Goldman has noticed that using SimplifEYE saves him time during the case. The time savings is two-fold: the technician doesn’t need to load the lens since it is preloaded, and the surgeon does not need a second instrument to implant the lens. Traditionally when a lens is implanted, it is injected into the eye and the trailing haptic is not within the capsular bag, so a second instrument is needed to dial the haptic into the capsular bag. With this technology, the pusher device can nudge the lens into the bag, eliminating a step for the surgeon, which speeds up the procedure time.

SimplifEYE uses enVista lenses

SimplifEYE is available for the enVista MX60PL and the enVista toric MX60PT. enVista toric MX60PT is the first preloaded toric IOL approved for use in the United States.

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