Dispersive ophthalmic viscosurgical devices (OVDs) are a staple of cataract surgery. While there are a variety of dispersive OVDs currently available for use, Bausch + Lomb is preparing to launch an innovative OVD called ClearVisc™ in summer 2021. ClearVisc™ contains sorbitol, a key differentiator because it is a unique chemical agent that has been shown in a laboratory study to deliver superior free radical protection compared to other dispersive OVDs.1,2

A New Option for Controlling Free Radicals

No matter how skillful or how precise a surgeon is during cataract surgery, one element that can be particularly difficult to control is the development and disbursement of free radicals. Caused during phacoemulsification, irrigation/aspiration, and as part of the insertion and removal of instruments and implants, they can contribute to corneal damage and possible decompensation.3,4 This can lead to post-surgical complications such as a cloudy cornea.

Because of the potential impact of free-radical damage, providing sufficient protection against them is paramount. With ClearVisc™, and the radical-inhibiting profile of sorbitol, that protection comes in the form of mechanical protection and chemical protection.

A proprietary formulation of sodium hyaluronic acid (SH) and sorbitol delivers a combination of free radical scavenger molecules that provide chemical protection. Sodium hyaluronic acid has been shown to protect against oxidative stress on the corneal endotheli- um. And sorbitol is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. When working together, the two have been shown in a laboratory study to have high scavenging activity against hydroxyl radicals. Additionally, the combination achieved the best performance against free radicals due to synergism.3

Proven Free Radical Inhibition

An in vitro study showed ClearVisc offers significantly (p<0.05) higher free radical inhibition compared to other viscoelastic formulations1,2 The study demonstrated the following rank order for free radical scavenging activity in OVD’s: Clearvisc > Viscoat > Healon2

Clear View Ahead

Having an unobstructed view in the surgical field is a must. ClearVisc™ helps to ensure excellent tissue visualization by minimizing the capture of bubbles and other material during the procedure.1 Dr. Mitchell Jackson, a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in cataract and refractive surgery, is a ClearVisc™ clinical trial investigator. He has experi- enced that clarity in his cases. “It’s clear, so it doesn’t impair visibility in the eye,” said Dr. Jackson. “It didn’t impair my ability to see things more efficiently while operating.”

Delivering Exceptional Performance at Every Stage

From the beginning of a cataract removal procedure, through the end, ClearVisc™ provides the performance and control surgeons need.

ClearVisc™ comes in a 1-mL syringe. “This gives you plenty to use for an entire routine case, which is a cost savings,” explained Dr. Jackson. “In my usage of the product, I didn’t find that I needed that much ClearVisc™ in the capsular bag when implanting the intraocular lens (IOL). It’s very stable.”1

Once ClearVisc™ is inserted into the eye, it consistently maintains space during phaco and it’s easily removable at the end of the procedure.1 “With dispersive OVDs, you have to worry about IOP spikes when removing the viscoelastic from the bag. The ClearVisc™ study was controlled, so I could only use that one product. What I found was that it was great for endothelial protection and I didn’t see any significant increase in IOP spike Day 1 using only ClearVisc™ versus using a dispersive/cohesive combo.”1

ClearVisc™ represents an evolution in dispersive OVDs. Visualize the benefits and experience the difference.

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