Eric Mann, MD has been a general ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon in private practice in New Jersey for more than 15 years. He noted that, “The most important thing to bring new patients into a practice is word of mouth. When you have happy patients, they talk about you and tell their friends.” Dr. Mann has identified a variety of factors that have contributed to the success of his practice.

Dr. Mann’s Key Factors to Practice Building

Dr. Mann has identified several key factors that engage new patients. He has a mantra called “the three A’s” for his practice:

  • Academic – the physician is knowledgeable about cataracts and ophthalmology, which gives his patients confidence
  • Available – he is always available to see patients. He tells his staff that there is always time to see one more patient. His office is very busy, but the staff is efficient to maximize the number of patients he can see
  • Affable – the physician is friendly and personable. He listens to what they have to say and builds a rapport with each patient. He wants to have a strong doctor-patient relationship and build trust with each patient

Cataract Surgery Options Dr. Mann Offers

Dr. Mann described four tiers of cataract surgery used in his practice:

  • Tier 1 – basic cataract surgery utilizing manual techniques with a monofocal lens
  • Tier 2 – femtosecond (femto) laser with a monofocal lens
  • Tier 3 – femto laser with a toric lens
  • Tier 4 – femto laser with a multifocal lens

Dr. Mann believes that enVista toric provides consistent results and happy patients, which have increased his referrals. Dr. Mann commented that, “When using enVista toric, it is rare for a patient to still need distance glasses.” Since incorporating enVista® toric into his lens offerings, Dr. Mann has been able to move more patients from Tier 2 to Tier 3. For many patients, he no longer needs to do a limbal relaxing incision (LRI) and use a monofocal lens; instead, he now uses enVista toric. While there are some subtle differences in the procedure, it takes him the same amount of time.

With the availability of the enVista toric, more patients are becoming toric lens candidates. enVista is the only monofocal toric platform commercially available in the United States that can treat less than 1 diopter (D) of astigmatism at the corneal plane with the 1.25 D model.1

Benefits of enVista Lenses

Two key benefits of enVista IOLs are that they are glistening free and aberration free.1 With enVista glistening-free IOLs, patients maintain visual clarity over time.2 With an aberration-free IOL, patients can tolerate their naturally occurring residual spherical aberration (SA) when implanted. The depth of focus curve is wider with enVista compared to lenses with induced negative SA.3,4

Dr. Mann has noticed that his patients are very satisfied with the result when he uses an enVista or enVista toric IOL. Patients who are happy talk about their results and tell their friends to come to him for cataract surgery.

“I inform my patients about all of the lens and surgical options I offer, and the outcomes patients typically experience. Then I let the patients choose which option they are most comfortable with. I just want my patients to be happy. I think that’s why I have a conversion rate of about 70%.”

- Dr. Eric Mann

Surgical Technique with enVista

When trying enVista, surgeons should be prepared to slightly change their surgical technique. enVista IOLs open up very quickly in the eye – MX60E opens in about 20 seconds.5 Because the lens opens up so quickly, the surgeon needs to dial it into place right away.

enVista IOLs are very stable. enVista toric has a total coverage of 110 degrees of contact with the capsular bag.1,5 Once the haptics are in place on the axis of the toricity, the lens should not move.


AccuSet haptics for stable performance. Unique haptic fenestrations facilitate intraoperative lens manipulation.

“When I was getting onboarded by Bausch and Lomb, the rep delivered my lenses, added the B+L lenses to my computer, and made sure my scrub techs were trained on the nuances of loading the lenses. They even brought in someone from another city to train me. I was really impressed by how much they value me as a customer. They show me a ton of respect. It was really great, and it made it easy for me to make the transition.”

- Dr. Eric Mann

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