Allen Zieker, MD, is an ophthalmologist in New York state with more than 40 years of experience operating on patients with cataracts. He has experience implanting the enVista® toric lens since it received FDA approval in 2018. Over the past few years, he has experienced many benefits of using enVista toric lenses. He noted that, “The enVista toric lens is both consistent, accurate, and stable.”

enVista toric IOLs are rotationally stable

Dr. Allen Zieker explained, “I haven’t had to reposition an enVista® toric IOL in years because they are very stable. One of the things I like about the enVista lens is that it is one of the easier platforms to put in.” He believes it is simple to put in because enVista IOLs open very quickly and easily, and therefore he doesn’t need to use forceps to open the lens.

Once the haptics are in place on the axis of the toricity, the lens should not move. enVista toric has 110 degrees of contact with the capsular bag compared to 84 and 88 degrees with other IOLs, so it provides the surgeon with a stable toric lens option.1

enVista is a glistening-free IOL platform

A key benefit of enVista IOLs is that they are glistening-free.2 He remarked that he has been using enVista lenses for years and has never seen glistenings.

Glistenings are an unfortunate issue that can occur early after cataract surgery – within months – or can even develop years later and can impact the patients’ vision.3 With the enVista platform of glistening-free IOLs, the IOL remains glistening-free over time.3

Advanced material is 25X harder than traditional hydrophobic acrylic lenses for the potential of increased resistance to scratches and abrasions | Proven glistening-free performance | Dark field images of AcrySof lens | Abberation-free, posterior surface

*According to bench studies

enVista toric IOL for astigmatism

In patients with astigmatism, the enVista toric IOL is useful because of its rotational stability – in clinical studies enVista toric had 110 degrees of contact to the capsular bag and 94.4% of eyes implanted with enVista had ≤ 5 degrees of lens rotation.1,2,6 This provides minimal rotation post-operatively and very reliable astigmatism correction and great patient outcomes.

For patients with small amounts of astigmatism, a lens offering a low diopter correction is very useful. enVista is the only monofocal toric platform commercially available in the US that can treat less than 1 diopter of astigmatism at the corneal plane with the 1.25 D model.2 This is a great option for patients requiring a small amount of cylinder correction.

For patients with high astigmatism, such as patients with keratoconus, Dr. Zieker has “had tremendous success. For patients with 4 or 5 diopters, my patient results have been excellent following surgery using the enVista toric IOL."

For his patients with cataracts and keratoconus, enVista toric is a great option as it is aberration-free.

Dr. Allen Zieker recalled a keratoconic patient with 5 diopters of astigmatism in both eyes. After surgery and insertion of enVista toric, the patient was plano with 20/20 in both eyes. The patient could not remember ever seeing 20/20 before.

Patients can tolerate their naturally occurring residual spherical aberration when implanted with an aberration-free IOL. When we look at the depth of focus curve, it is wider with enVista than with a lens with induced negative spherical aberration.7,8 With enVista toric, astigmatic patients can achieve the benefits of a premium monofocal lens that provides a desirable compromise between depth of field and image quality. According to Dr. Zieker, “My astigmatic patients are excited about their visual results.”

“enVista is one of the easier platforms to put in. The optic-haptic junction has a small opening so you can manipulate the lens and dial it in. The lens opens up quickly, it’s right where you want it, it stays where you put it, and the clarity is pristine! That’s exactly what you are looking for and all you could want.”

- Dr. Allen Zieker

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