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In the rapidly growing field of vitreoretinal surgery, our enhanced research and development facilities and staff are highly responsive to the evolving needs of our surgeon partners. We are developing technology designed to unlock each surgeon’s highest potential. Our complete portfolio of retinal surgery products is meant to not only meet your everyday needs but also the needs of your most complicated cases.

Vitrectomy Equipment

Stellaris Elite® is where real-time responsiveness enables exceptional control. With its extensive range of available cutting, accessory and visualization options, as well as the Vitesse™ hypersonic vitrectomy system, Stellaris Elite® is perfect for any practice and every vitreoretinal surgeon.


Our extensive selection of instrumentation offers something for everyone. Whether you need single-use, reuseable, or a combination of both, we have high-quality instruments with an extensive portfolio of innovatively designed tips. And since each instrument is engineered to meet our rigorous standards, you can expect great performance with every use.

Laser Probes

We understand the importance of building our laser probes to exacting specifications because we listen to, and work with some of the most talented retinal surgeons around. Our research and development team designed our probes with you in mind, because your satisfaction is our single most important goal.


The versatility and variety of our numerous endoilluminators and chandeliers can help you see surgery in a different light. Although high-performing instruments make a big difference, you are the most important part of surgery, so we have created all of our illumination products with the goal of helping you perform your best.

Other Products

When you are performing surgery, even the smallest details are of the utmost importance. We believe the same is true with the equipment that you use, so we ensure that every product lives up to our lofty standards of excellence, no matter what.