Harness the Power of Focused Light | IC-8 Apthera IOL

IC-8® Apthera IOL

The First Available Small Aperture Extended Depth of Focus IOL

The Apthera™ IOL is the first small aperture presbyopia-correcting lens that delivers extended depth of focus through its distinctive, wavefront-filtering design.

Small Aperture Optics

Filter out peripheral distorted and aberrated low optical quality (OQ) light and deliver high OQ light to the retina, providing a seamless range of vision for patients.

IC-8 Apthera Animation

This breakthrough design offers new possibilities for patients


Extended Depth of Focus, free from “blurry zones”

Excellent results regardless of astigmatism in eyes with as much as 1.5D of corneal astigmatism

Monofocal-like binocular contrast sensitivity in bright and low light conditions

Extending Range, Brilliantly.

The Apthera™ IOL delivers high quality monofocal-like distance vision, while providing excellent visual acuity through intermediate and near free from “blurry zones.”


As shown in the US Air Force Target images in the video, the Apthera IOL delivers high resolution images that extend across a broad continuous range of vision. 


Using small aperture technology, vision is improved without splitting, shifting or stretching light, providing an uninterrupted range of vision for cataract patients.


82% of all cataract patients are present with 1.5D of corneal astigmatism of less.1 The Apthera IOL delivers excellent results in patients with up to 1.5D of corneal astigmatism and can be implanted without the demanding process of axis aligment as compared to typical toric IOLs.2,3

Modernizing Monovision

The Apthera™ IOL is implanted monocularly, with your preferred monofocal or monofocal toric IOL in the other eye. With a small amount of near correction (-0.75 D) in the Apthera IOL eye and emmetropia in the fellow eye, patients achieve monofocal-like distance vision, while providing enhanced visual acuity through intermediate and near for everyday activities. Additionally, this intentional combination delivers binocular monofocal-like contrast sensitivity in bright and low light conditions.


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IC-8 Apthera IOL
Model IC-8® Apthera™ IOL
Material (Optic and Haptic) Hydrophobic Acrylic UV-blocking
Powers +10.0 D through +30.0 D in 0.5 D increments
Optic Type One-piece
Biconvex, anterior aspheric surface
Optic Diameter (ØB) 6.0 mm
Overall Diameter (ØT) 12.5 mm
Optic Edge Design 360° posterior square edge
Haptic Design Modified C-loop haptic with 5° angulation
Refractive Index 1.483 at 35°C and 589 nm
Filterring™ Component Material Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) with carbon black
Filterring Component Outer Diameter 3.23 mm
Filterring Component Inner Diameter (Aperture) 1.36 mm
Biometry Optical
A-Constant 120.5
Surgeon Factor 2.64
Anterior Chamber Depth (ACD) 6.42